Karin Bacon's artwork is informed by a long career in event design and production with a focus on performance.   Currently she is developing the visual aspects of her work with the goal of integrating the physical setting and live performance into immersive experience that expresses her personal vision.

Karin is fascinated by the mingling of fantasy and reality.  Growing up outside of Philadelphia, she experienced the Philadelphia  Mummers Parade on New Year's Day when the massive string bands strut along Broad Street in their feathered and sequined  finery, halting occasionally to perform a thematic dance numbers framed by rolling scenery.  She is inspired by the power of civic celebrations throughout the world to transform everyday places into extraordinary expressions of imagination and emotion.  She regards all of  her work as a participatory theater.

Karin was an originator of the first "Be-In" in Central Park, a participatory gathering of the tribe,

emblematic of the late 60's .  She was an instigator of the first Earth Day celebration.   She initiated the gathering in Central Park where the first steps on the moon were beamed by satellite onto three giant screens.   In addition to producing major celebrations for the City of New York, Karin has combined education and entertainment in designing  family festivals for thousands of visitors to the Bronx Zoo, staged  fashion promotions for Saks Fifth Avenue, created party entertainment for Studio 54, and produced many events for corporate clients, cultural institutions, and private individuals.  During a time of racial tensions in New York City, Karin launched a program of locally organized inner-city street festivals throughout the five boroughs, engaging the Parks Department in a positive contribution to underserved communities.